Ways in Which Sentiment Analysis Can Help Improve Your Brand

February 15, 2018

Seeking validation is a human tendency. All of us regardless of our age, gender or lifestyle preferences, would be more than interested to know what others (the general public, our acquaintances, and our family members) think about us. While the need for this varies among individuals, where some people might need feedback every now and then, others wouldn’t really be bothered as much about it. Now so far we were talking about feedback which is required in an individual capacity.

But when it comes to the world of business, the dynamics of seeking validation and approval change immensely. Any business would always answer in a resounding yes when asked about, ‘whether they would like to know what their customers think about them’. This need of knowing what their consumers think of them is translated into a formal vein into what we today know as sentiment analysis. Sentiments are nothing but the emotions that we attach to certain entities. These emotions become very valuable for those companies which provide us with goods and services in order to ensure faster, efficient and sophisticated delivery mechanisms.

So how does this whole mechanism of sentiment analysis work really? Let’s talk numbers first, Facebook has been able to achieve the impossible with its two billion users, Instagram is close behind with close to 700 million users and Twitter has about 317 million members. All of the three combined, make for an enormous human congregation which is ever ready to express its approval or grievances on these very platforms. Such vital feedback is exactly what forms an essential part of sentiment analysis. Because this concept has high appeal to all the social media platforms, the business owners need to pay close attention to whatever is being said about their brands.

There are many ways in which the concept of sentiment analysis can help you in improving and augmenting your brand. The first would be that it provides you with a lot of helpful insights. These insights then play a major role in the formulation of policies, objectives and strategies. One major thing that sentiment analysis does is, that it helps business leaders in understanding the motivation behind whatever opinions there are about their brand. These opinions could either be positive or negative or could very well be neutral.

You can even run relevant marketing campaigns, once you have figured out exactly what kind of audience takes after your product or service. This finding out your audience bit is also done with the help of sentiment analysis. Business leaders and their social teams are then empowered with the next path to follow on the basis of the kind of reactions that their product receives. You can also be able to scale the ROI rate of your various marketing campaigns once you do a thorough qualitative and quantitative measurement of the likes and discussion forums.

Sentiment analysis plays a major role in improving your customer care mechanisms and helping you build a great and reassuring brand presence as well. Data Analysts are the ones who conduct this sentiment analysis and they are very much in demand lately, especially the industry endorsed ones who are churned out of training institutes like Imarticus Learning.

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