Student Life At Imarticus During an Investment Banking Course

August 3, 2019
Investment Banking Courses


Student Life at Imarticus

At the outset, Khushboo was skeptical about her decision to pursue the Investment Banking Course at Imarticus. However, all her doubts were well dealt with in the counseling session at Imarticus, where she was specified about what course she wanted to pursue and what opportunities she would unlock after pursuing the course.

Khushboo recalls how the rigorous course of a short duration created a strong foundation for her in the field of Finance and Capital Markets. Since Khushboo did not have a background in finance, this Investment Banking Certification Course turned out to be a stepping stone to enter a field as diverse and intriguing as Finance. 

One of the prodigious merits of joining Imarticus is the opportunities provided to students. It bridges the communication gap between the mentors and the students. Khushboo looks back on how her mentors had always been friendly and approachable and how their unique teaching methodology carved her whole career. The faculty’s agile methodology combines technical concepts with the industry-based case-studies to build some strong fundamentals for the budding professionals. 

At Imarticus students are encouraged to demonstrate their innovative academic qualities and guidance is provided as to how they can cope with the outside world. Faculty of Imarticus banking courses have amazing leadership qualities to motivate students and help them broaden their horizons. Not only do they take informative and interactive sessions but they also conduct various workshops to understand the syllabus in detail.

Imarticus Placement

Further, the placement-oriented curriculum and the Career Assistance Services that involved the preparation for interviews and resumes, and soft-skills development, helped her to be placed with her dream-job at Goldman Sachs, where Khushboo could apply her training and knowledge gained at Imarticus to practical use. Khusboo is fortunate to get an opportunity to be selected in such a reputed company through Imarticus Learning Placement. Khushboo has become more confident and sanguine in the congenial environment. She is grateful to the mentors and Imarticus Placement for giving her this moment of a lifetime. Khushboo is now proficient in the field of Investment Banking and is doing wonders with her job.

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