Life-Hacks: 3 Skills to Master Before You Turn 30

January 14, 2017
Life-Hacks: 3 Skills to Master Before You Turn 30

These days, there is a rising trend in the corporate world. This trend basically refers to the demand for professionals who are trained, not only academically, but also possess skills which are expected by the particular industries. There was recently a study conducted which concluded that about 35% of the HR Managers are still unable to find candidates suitable for a certain position, not because of their educational qualifications, but their inability to understand and relate to the soft skills that any industry would be in search of.

This is the reason why a number of fresh graduates have collectively taken to being groomed so as to ensure they have the skill set to enter the industry as well as the corporate world. Imarticus Learning is focused on providing candidates professional training, as well assisting them in achieving all the industry-endorsed skills which are expected out of them. Most of the candidates attending these courses are looking to have a career change. Individuals, who have freshly graduated, have a long way of learning to go through before they are able to master the corporate world.


Here’s three skills that these young graduates must master.


Although the most beaten down of all the values that one is taught throughout their lives, honesty is one soft skill which will take you a long way, in the corporate world. Instead of thinking of making excuses either when a deadline isn’t met, or when you are late for presentation, follow the advice of the experts and be honest. While you wouldn’t be expected to tell all of the details of your misgivings, you certainly will gain much more credibility if you truthfully state down the reasons, for your incompetency, instead of threading a web of lies.

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Ability to Receive Criticism

This is one soft skill, which everyone needs to cultivate regardless of their age. It is always easy to turn your nose up, or be extremely resentful towards anyone, who is trying to find out the mistakes in your work. While no likes being shown that they are wrong, it is a necessary to cultivate certain amounts of empathy within oneself, only then would you be able to openly accept any kind of criticism that comes your way.


The ability to communicate with anyone and everyone is certainly something worth possessing. While some may be lucky enough to possess the gift of the gab, others are unfortunate enough, to be repetitive victims of the foot-in-mouth syndrome. Communication does not mean only verbal communication, it may also refer to writing a mail, being a participant in a meeting, or giving a presentation to a roomful of onlookers. For those who have the gift of the gab, consider tweaking yourself in order to sound more refined and come across as someone who can hold their own. While for those shy people, it becomes necessary to challenge yourself and try and find new ways to communicate more effectively.

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