Learning Methodology - Finance, Operations, Business Analysis

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The Imarticus learning philosophy is built around developing domain expertise and job relevant skills to prepare you to be tomorrow’s Business Leaders. With a strong emphasis on ‘learning by doing’, our programs are developed with the goal of creating well-rounded, job-ready professionals that can add value to an organization in the competitive world of Financial Services & Analytics.

Domain Expertise

Imarticus Learning has extensive end-to-end training and content delivery capabilities across the areas of Finance, Operations, Treasury, Technology, Business Analysis and Analytics in various business lines.


Financial Services

Investment Banking
Venture Capital
Asset Management
Financial Markets
Project Finance
Wealth Management
Corporate Banking
Retail Banking
Private Equity


Tool & Language Based

(R, SAS, Python, Excel)

Sector Based

(Financial, Risk, HR, Marketing, Other)

Activity Based

(Descriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic, Other)

Data Types

(Text, Multimedia, Numerical, Other)

Customized Learning Paths

Imarticus believes in continuous learning to develop skill sets and we firmly believe ‘One size does not fit all’. To cater to the immense diversity of our student profile, each course is customized to ensure that it is not only relevant to the careers our students aspire to but also to their individual learning requirements. In fact, it is the vast diversity of experiences brought by our students that makes learning at Imarticus a unique experience.


Have you recently graduated?
All our programs start with the basics and require no catching up – making them suitable even for those who have no prior domain knowledge. Our learning material is simple yet succinct and through our experiential learning pedagogy, we ensure that your learning is comprehensive. We also offer additional refreshers and doubt clearing sessions with the faculty to ensure that no students are left behind.
Do you have work experience?
While our initial levels might start with the basics, we ensure that all our students are stimulated by our real life case studies,project work and self-assessments which you will be able to relate to on the back of your work experience. Most students use this time to strengthen their concepts and test their understanding through application. Our Domain experts will help you stretch your abilities by creating advanced problems and simulations.
Do you want to switch careers?
Perhaps you have decided to do something completely different after ten years of working or want to learn a new skill. Our experiential learning will not have you copying down answers but will have you exploring a new field through project work, lively discussions, and rigorous self-assessments. Our extensive use of multi media will expand your scope of knowledge while you use the opportunity to hone your skills in analysis, communication and computer software programs like Excel & Powerpoint.

Learning Pedagogy

Our programs, while rigorous, are extremely practical and hands-on. They go beyond traditional role learning through their use of live case studies and real-life business problems. This ensures you are equipped with the required skill sets to master job responsibilities from the day one. All of this stems from our commitment to the philosophy of Experiential Learning. Experiential learning is learning through experience, a cycle of doing and reflecting. Keeping this in mind we have designed our learning to address and build key skill sets.

Discipline and Rigorous Self-Assessment
Each topic is followed by Quizzes, Tests and Assignments that help understand and internalize key concepts. It also helps adhere to deadlines and build the ability to work under pressure

Group Work
The ability to work in a team is imperative to success and we ensure our students are successfully able to integrate and work in teams through our substantial Group Presentations. This also builds confidence and awareness

Experience the Work Environment
We use Case Studies of Real Companies and live Project Work to simulate the work environment and actual problems that might arise in Investment Banking Operations or Financial Modeling

Constant Discussion
We do not believe in lecturing; class participation and reflection is key to learning. Case Studies and project work is followed by discussion to allow for review and peer learning
Pre and Post Assessments
Case Studies methodology for experiential learning
Discussions and Q&A
Assignments and Simulations to replicate live business environments

Learning Management System

Learning at Imarticus is centralized using our state of the art, online Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is part of our experiential learning philosophy, which helps you improve constantly by ‘doing’ and ‘reviewing’ and manage your performance across the program. The LMS also enables faculty and students spread across locations to connect, collaborate and share information.
Our LMS offers the following features:

Learn on the go with 24/7 access to learning material, assignments, and quizzes available on any device.

Re-imagine the LMS calendar as you know it. With our task-centric design, knowing where to go, what to do and when to do it has never been easier.

Interact with anyone in the learning platform with one click. The LMS has in-built Class Walls and Discussion forums that advance the community through social persistence.

Behavioral analytics to capture actionable data, which we believe should be the foundation for a better education.

  • Centralize your learning needs and reduce your dependence on any one form of device through a secure LMS ID and password
  • Engage with fellow students, faculty, and governance teams, and connect, collaborate and share information regardless of geography
  • Have access to your course material 24/7 in addition to reading material that is exclusively on the LMS

  • Participate and apply concepts by engaging in lively discussions based on current news reports
  • Seamless submission of assignments, project work and other homework regardless of where you are outside of classroom hours
  • Superior behavioral analytics to help continuously improve your performance and measure learning

Industry Connect

Our extensive links on the back of our leadership expertise as well as our powerful Advisory Council underline our learning philosophy and create immense opportunities for our students.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Council include:

  • Analyzing the impact of macro-economic variables on the Financial Services & Analytics industry
  • Discussing various job opportunities in the Financial Services & Analytics industry and suggesting courses to meet the industry requirements
  • Assisting with content design and training methodologies to ensure an industry relevant curriculum as well as constantly helping us review our current curriculum
  • Conducting guest lectures and participating in informational sessions with potential candidates
  • Attending Company – led conferences and seminars
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