Certified Investment Banking IT Professional (CIBIT) Program | IT Career in Investment Banking

Certified Investment Banking IT Professional

Imarticus offers the Industry recognised CIBIT (Certified Investment Banking IT Professional) program, designed for careers within the Information Technology division of an Investment Bank. This 240 hour program includes placement assistance, and provides you with advanced application development skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of IT in Investment Banking along with extensive product knowledge.

Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Advanced Technology

This program includes comprehensive coverage of advanced technologies such as WPF, RDBMS, Advanced Java, Advanced .Net, ASP.NET, Unix & Data Warehousing and Advanced Software Testing along with an understanding of Securities and Derivative products and various functions within Investment Banking. This includes an understanding on project methodologies like Waterfall/Agile/Scrum.

The CIBIT curriculum is differentiated by its hands-on learning where it uses the power of real-life projects to train on the technology domain across banking and financial services firms. The Technology and Banking domain training will be augmented with a personal development program ensuring candidates are well equipped for the corporate world.

Project Based Learning
Placements & Certification

The Imarticus Learning placements team will provide development, guidance and assistance throughout the program, priming students for the best career opportunities in leading IT firms, product technology firms and banks. Students will receive the industry endorsed CIBIT certification, which will equip them for a highly rewarding technology career within Investment Banking.

Aside from classroom learning, a state of the art online Learning Management System has centralized learning with 24/7 access to learning material, study aids and tests. Faculty and students spread across locations can connect, collaborate and share information with continuous feedback for improved learning.

24/7 Learning
Functions in IB Technology
Functions in IB Technology
Functions in IB Technology

Technologists use advanced technologies to develop cutting-edge enterprise level software solutions, trading analytics, risk management analytics, trade processing architecture and tailored end-user requirements/platforms. This allows a bank to execute multi-billion dollar transactions, manage risks, maintain mission critical operations 24/7 and stay at the front of a fast-moving financial global marketplace.


Application Development (Product Technology)

Develop and maintain reliable and scalable strategic software platforms using advanced technology for long term scalable solutions.
Implement latest technology & processes to develop tools and components.



24/7, L1 & L2 support activities for internal and external customers
Automate tools and setup processes for round the clock and weekend monitoring.
Work closely with development teams for tracking of issues to closure.



Work closely with Business Analysts and Software Development teams to ensure that the solution is reliable and scalable and in line with requirements.
Conduct Manual (for complex scenarios) & Automated testing.
Issue testing & resolution with support groups.



Support physical data centers, servers, desktops, databases, exchange & market connectivity.
Vendor management, solution procurement, testing and implementation.


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Career Path
Career Path
Career Path

Technology is a key source of competitive advantage for an Investment Bank and consequently an important strategic area given utmost focus across business lines.

Career Path


End User Organization

The benefits of working in an end-user environment in Investment Banks are tremendous. It allows you to speak directly to end-users (sellers, traders, customers) where you are responsible for end-to-end solutions that encapsulate the complete cycle of research, design and implementation along with the business.


Specialist Career Path

Banks used the most advanced technologies and systems to execute global financial transactions and comply with the stringent regulatory environments. This role helps you develop in-depth knowledge of cutting edge technology platforms along with Finance and Investment Banking, hence making you a specialist in Financial Services technology.


Leadership & Execution Skills

As a data scientist, you will be involved in the entire life cycle from business problem identification to solution design and development basis data insights and technical expertise. This will give you a birds eye view of the businesses you work with, along with participation in key management decision making.


Global Mobility and Exposure

Mobility opportunities are enormous as you work within a global team. Moving across asset classes, business functions, and geographies gives you ample opportunity for career growth. A technology expert is exposed to every facet  Front Office, Middle Office, Risk & Compliance , and quickly accquires an indept understanding of the inner workings of a bank.

The CIBIT program is ideal for:
Freshers Software Engineers and MCAs
Investment Banking IT Lateral Movements

For those that are looking to enhance their CV and knowledge

Upon clearing the assessment and the personal interview, you can register and enroll in the next CIBIT program.

CIBIT weekday program-Full time(240 hours) Monday – Friday (10am – 5pm)

Loan Assistance: Educational loans for Imarticus programs can be organized under AVANSE, a premier finance firm.

Admission Process:

Imarticus follows a rolling admission process comprising an initial assessment followed by a personal interview.

There are two ways to enroll

Physical Enrollment

Walk into either our Bangalore or Mumbai centers to receive a personal counseling session, which will be followed by an assessment and an interview.

Online Enrollment

Click below to fill in the online assessment form. You start the process by paying the assessment fees of Rs.300*. Upon payment please call us to receive your assessment link. After clearing the online assessment, you will be invited to interview with us either in person or via telephone.

Typical Day
Typical Day
Typical Day
I get ready to start my day at one of the top 10 Global Investment Banks of the world. Working in IT it is imperative for me to ensure our systems are up and running and develop high-quailty, reliable, scalable, maintainable and extendable software.
9:00 AM
I start day & launch development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse(Java), requirements document, Bamboo, Issue Tracking system (eg. JIRA.), Database & my Outlook inbox to check if there are any issues reported by support group or if there is a response from business user on the queries I asked while developing my module.
9:30 AM
All team members gather near the scrum board for a quick stand-up meeting to talk about what we did yesterday, today plan and if there are any blockers/issues that will impact work, I go back to my desk once the meeting is over and start developing my module.
1:00 PM
I have a one on one session with my manager to discuss my performance and any feed-back from my global partners/colleagues.
1:30 PM
I break for lunch with my team colleagues within my teams & across teams, we chat about technology, global markets, escalations or new team activity coming up.
2:00 PM
Back to my desk & my world of coding.
4:15 PM
An issue is reported with a customer. I figure out the issue and ask the customer to reconnect to our system which solves the problem. This will help my company save on trades from this particular customer who typically trades $500 million a day. I then talk to my business analyst about adding a customer connection-monitoring feature that will help support group to proactively contact customers before they call us.
5:45 PM
I shoot my queries to the Traders and Sales team in the USA so as to get a response on the same day or next morning before getting into office. I start checking-in-my code/changes into the source code repository which triggers automated unit tests to see if my code will break anything that’s developed by other team members.
A career in Investment Banking Technology exposes you to advanced cutting edge technologies and infrastructures that define and drive the next generation of products and platforms. You will learn from the finest technologies who use their expertise to develop ingenious, complex solutions to the most difficult financial problems.
6:00 PM
Work-life-balance: time for me to go to our Fitness Center: Today was a challenging but a rewarding day & importantly all urgent issues reported got fixed immediately. I’m glad I suggested the customer monitoring feature on our system, which will be a great help to support groups and also improve overall processes. I got great feedback on my performance from my management and global partners.

Learn Advanced Technologies such as Java, .Net, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX and others

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Placement Statistics




<2 Yrs Work Experience

80% Total Placed

90% BE,IT & CS

10% Graduates

10% MCA

10% Others

95% <2 Yrs Work Experience

Areas Placed


Web Development

Systems Development


Application Development

Network Architecture

Quality Assurance

IT Security

Product Development



Web Development

Systems Development


Application Development

Network Architecture

Quality Assurance

IT Security

Product Development


Understand Financial Technology Systems, and work for an End-User organization


  • Pooja
    Pooja-N CIBIT

    Excellent practical advice, excellently delivered that will be of major benefit to me in my career.

    The course at Imarticus Learning was excellent at helping me understanding Java and Banking concepts and terminologies. The training team are super supportive and ready to help in any way they can. I thoroughly recommend training with them.”
  • Tejas-K
    Tejas-K CIBIT

    In just two weeks, I feel that I have learnt more on programming than what I did during my engineering.

    The sessions are very interactive and very informative. I have started getting the bigger picture of programming and the role of Information Technology in Banking. Guest lectures allow us to interact with experienced people from the industry and people from higher management in the industry give a brief on their roles and experiences.”


  • Dharmesh

    Dharmesh Doshi

    CIBIT Faculty

    Expertise: Business Analysis

    Dharmesh brings over 14 years of work experience in managing high value IT projects in the Financial Markets domain. He has designed, developed, and implemented trading solutions for various financial institutions including brokerage houses, stock exchanges and banks.

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Industry Overview

The Imarticus Finance Industry wheel© details the entire gamut of roles in Investment Banking & Capital Markets right down to specific functions. Use the wheel to identify your areas of interest by clicking on the wheel and expanding the specific areas.

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