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November 1, 2019
What are the Different Change Management Models? Change management is one of the major challenges you might encounter. It is possible that your team rebel against the changes you are trying to implement. It is a hard task indeed! No wonder that 70% of all change initiative taste failure. This is where change management models come into play. There are many change-management […] Read More »
November 1, 2019
How To Improve Your Supply Chain With Data Visualization Techniques?   SimplifyingSupply Chain Management If you have ever ordered a tangible good and got it within the stipulated time it’s because of a good supply chain management process in place by the company you ordered from. Supply chain management entails how a product is transferred from point A to point B, where point A is […] Read More »
September 20, 2019
How Blockchain Can Transform Our Economy and The Way We Do business In The Future?   In words of a techy, Blockchain is a decentralized electronic ledger system that creates secured transactional records using cryptography which is irreversible corruption thus putting a stop to malpractices of corruption. It can be used in any transaction involving money, property or other goods of value. Blockchain is the latest transformational innovation using technology. […] Read More »
July 29, 2019
What are the Top 3 Skills For Financial Analyst The high-flying well-paying career in financial analysis is a combination of many attributes and goes well beyond good academic grades. The economic and accounting analyst of today needs to have a wide bouquet of characteristics. To stand out from the crowd, your resume, certification of skills and portfolio can help get an interview. From there, […] Read More »
July 15, 2019
What’s The Quickest Way To Learn Math For Machine Learning And Deep Learning?   In modern times we have everything from developments like smartphones, robots, driver-less cars, medical instruments like CAT scans and MRI machines, smart traffic lights, and a host of animated games. Even payments have gone digital and cashless! And all this has emerged over the last decade due to AI, ML, and data analytics. The […] Read More »
July 11, 2019
How Criminals Are Using AI And Exploiting It To Further Crime   AI can use the swarm technology of clusters of malware taking down multiple devices and victims. The AI applications have been used in robotic devices and drone technology too. Even Google’s reCAPTCHA according to the reports of “I am Robot” can be successfully hacked 98% of the time. It is everyone’s fear that the […] Read More »
March 10, 2019
Where Data Science Will Be 5 years From Now? Data is everywhere and data science is the perfect m mixture of algorithm, programming, deploying statistics, deductive reasoning, and data interference. Data is the amalgamation of statistics, programming, mathematics, reasoning, and more importantly, a data scientist is the field that comprises of everything that related to data cleaning, preparation, and analysis. But when thinking about […] Read More »