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November 4, 2019
What Are the Benefits of an Investment Banking Course Key Responsibility Areas of Investment Banking Anyone who ever aspired to build a career in the finance industry has aimed for the title of an investment banker. Well, it’s where the big bucks are made so naturally the competition is at an all-time high. With the growth of financial innovation the demand for professionals has […] Read More »
October 25, 2019
Skills Needed to Become an Investment Banker in 2021   Career opportunities in finance are highly productive, inspiring, and profit-making, but also aggressive, and challenging. Investment firms include numerous roles amongst which Investment Banking is one of the highest potential and most sought after. Investment bankers facilitate transactions either between two firms or between the firm and the market. To take up investment banking, […] Read More »
October 24, 2019
Scope of Investment Banking in the Next Five Years   Investment Banking is certainly an up-and-coming career option that is increasingly widespread among the youth in India. An investment banker, in simple terms, is someone who helps their clients invest their money in a way that will help them generate the highest possible revenue. These jobs include a lot of responsibility such as handling […] Read More »
October 22, 2019
Major Trends Driving Investment Banking in 2021 The role of technology in the investment banking industry has never been more significant and vital. Interpreting data based on the analytical details and flow of information is key to the investment banking industry. Needless to say, to stay ahead of the game, professionals must stay on top of all the current trends of technology […] Read More »
October 18, 2019
Is Investment Banking the Highest Paying Job Investment Banking is an exciting and thriving career. Every year, lots of brilliant minds from the world’s finest universities, decide to enter into the world of investment banking. Venturing into the competitive world of high finance has some well-defined merits; great pay, esteemed deals, and remarkable training. For many, investment banking is a profession that […] Read More »
September 26, 2019
Necessary Skills Require For Building Career in Investment Banking What does it take? Building a career in any industry requires an assessment of our capabilities and skillsets, same goes for those who are prying on putting the Investment Banker crown on their head. Am I a good fit for this job? This is a common notion among those who aspire to become investment bankers […] Read More »
September 26, 2019
How will Investment Banking Change in 20 Years or So in the Future Technological advancement has brought about a massive transformation in the capital market and banking sector. The banking segment is largely dependent on crucial business requirements including a company’s total capital, the involvement of investors and company acquisitions or mergers. Globally acclaimed banks exist mostly due to fundamental requirements to keep the economy up and running; […] Read More »
September 26, 2019
How Does the Life and Salary of a Software Engineer Compare with an Investment Banker?   With companies like Facebook and Google paying lucrative salaries and more perks to software engineers these days, the question arises if investment banking is still a better career option? Which career path would offer a more luxurious lifestyle and a fatter paycheck? While most professionals securing professional success before the age of 25 are […] Read More »
August 27, 2019
What are the Top 10 Tips to Become a Pro Investment Banker?   The opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the world, a lucrative salary and top-class industry exposure; investment banking has its perks and how! Quite a stark contrast from run-of-the-mill banking jobs, an investment banker transacts at the highest financial level, that governs the overall economy to a huge extent. Starting […] Read More »
August 26, 2019
What are the Qualifications Required to Become Investment Bankers? A hot-shot career, a high-profile job with an equally attractive pay-check, investment banking happens to be among the most sought-after careers for college and MBA students in finance and business, alike. The job of an investment banker, as glamourous as it may sound, entails great responsibilities and challenges combined with abundant learning, along with the […] Read More »