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November 28, 2019
What if you would like to switch your career towards Blockchain?   There has been an incredible advancement in the evolution of Blockchain technology over the past couple of years. In various sectors in the society, from healthcare, education, logistics, industrial supply chains and more, Blockchain has been adopted and implemented upon industries. Due to its use cases and positive reviews, Blockchain-based pilot projects have been […] Read More »
November 27, 2019
Cryptocurrency Careers that Will See High Demand in the Future   Over the last year or two, cryptocurrency has spread like wildfire through the interwebs, evolving from a once unknown form of payment to one that’s preferred and advocated for by thousands across the globe. Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are more than just a buzz today, they’re facilitators of job creation in a […] Read More »
October 24, 2019
Who provides the blockchain certification and how long is it valid for?   Blockchain is a term that refers to the peer-to-peer transaction of the digital assets created to support a crypto-currency called bitcoins. In today’s era of continuously advancing technology, blockchain has a wide range of applications including healthcare, government, finance, manufacturing, and distribution resulting in huge demand for blockchain professionals.  Blockchain is not a single […] Read More »
October 23, 2019
What Are The Objectives of Online Blockchain Training?   Online training, also known as distance learning or e-learning is a self-paced customizable mode of learning designed to meet a learner’s requirements. It offers several advantages to a learner such as reduced cost, increased instructor-student time, networking opportunities, documentation and much more. Online training is possible in almost every domain today whether it is […] Read More »
September 24, 2019
How Fintech is Transforming The Financial Industry?   The digital industry has made huge advancements in the last two decades. Now, every industry is using these new technologies to integrate their process highly sophisticated systems to get better results. Even in the Financial Industry, we are seeing a huge shift in the use of smartphones and PC’s for banking, investment and even […] Read More »
September 19, 2019
What Are The Fintech Trends That You Can’t Ignore?   The fusion of technology with finance brings out the perfect recipe for the exponential growth of the economy. The Fintech industry is setting new heights of what can be achieved through technology when applied prudently. Adaption of Fintech technology is the need of the hour. The Fintech technology not only provides a way to […] Read More »
September 17, 2019
Why Open Interconnectivity of Financial Services is The Future?   There are a lot of times when future predictions are made about every industry. So is the case of the Banking and Finance industry.   Banking and Finance industry has been growing consistently but is now experiencing a breakthrough. This breakthrough can be simply translated into two parts: 1. Globalization: Rapid transactions from one […] Read More »
September 9, 2019
How A Blockchain Can Be Used In P2P Network?   Making the blockchain technology decentralized is dependent on the peer to peer networks that are also known as crypto circles and their laying out and propagation as the base foundational layer. They are smaller networks popularly also called P2P networks that last forever and are the “censorship-resistant” factor of the blockchain itself. P2P networks […] Read More »
September 6, 2019
What Are Some Useful Fintech Applications For Small Business?   Modern times have seen the influx of digitalization and NBFCs and banks alike are scrambling their way to adopting modern technology to retain their profit margins and competitive business edge. India’s Digibank or the Kazakh B1NK offer purely digital services and are yet able to give the others a run for their monies. Blockchain […] Read More »
September 4, 2019
Why Bookkeeping Bots Are An Important Part Of The Fintech Business World?   Bots can keep your records in various areas of your business and the bookkeeper can integrate the books of the various departments to help you get a complete overview to base your crucial budgeting decisions. No wonder then that the fintech startups focus on bots in record keeping and accounting. Bookkeeping may be the […] Read More »