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June 21, 2019
How The Fintech Hub Plans to Drive India’s Need for Financial Innovation   A fintech hub complete with accelerator, incubator, and platform for investors is set to open shortly in Mumbai to help young startups and fintech app innovations. The fintech revolution in India is young and already disrupting the space. The governments have been touting this revolution as the next big wave which will put India […] Read More »
June 12, 2019
The Advantages of Taking Up Fintech Courses   Financial technology is not completely new. The industry has been around for enough time to witness its ups and downs. Everyone can see how technology is changing finance. But still, there are a lot of gaps in information. Still, there are hundreds of people who ask Why Fintech? Even today. There seem to be […] Read More »
December 17, 2018
Should You Do Masters in Fintech or Digital Marketing? Why? Fintech and Digital Marketing are the latest buzzwords in new professions. These are coming-of-age roles ushered by the advent of the internet. Since the internet is the go-to medium for every geography and demography, creating the medium first and then the content has become a large and significant part of this eco-system. Fintech The study […] Read More »
December 3, 2018
10 Easy Ways To Facilitate Innovation In Fintech Fintech is being touted as being ready for disrupting and has a lot of financial investments riding on its back. Fintech is what it suggests, a bit of finance and technology. The financial transactions sector finds immense uses for its services and the advantageous blessings of blockchains. This growth in the Fintech sector fuels the […] Read More »