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November 4, 2019
The Importance of Financial Risk Management   Managing financial risk is an essential component of any successful business. Specialized financial risk management teams are hired to guide a company through the financial market’s turbulent waters and create strategies to avoid losses and maximize profits as much as possible. Although seemingly scientific, the process is convoluted and never exact, therefore requirement an […] Read More »
November 2, 2019
How Do I Become a Risk Management Consultant? What is Risk management? Risk management is the process of analyzing risks related to finances involved in a company. It also includes micro-managing other risks associated with any business concern which might impact the overall health of the company. The business environment is uncertain hence understanding how a business will do in the future is […] Read More »
October 19, 2019
What Are The Types of Trade Settlement in The Trade Life Cycle?   Understanding Trade Settlement The evolution of finance and commerce as a whole has pushed the world economies to a new high. With the advent of trading of financial instruments and multiplier effect into action, the monetary growth has been multiple folds over the past few decades. Let’s get deeper into what exactly is trade […] Read More »
October 18, 2019
What Is The Difference Between Trade Confirmation And Affirmation?   Trade-in contemporary With the advent of technology in the financial domain, the nature and frequency of financial transactions have reached the zenith. Trade deals are commonplace given the money earning potential it holds. Trade affirmation and confirmation are an important part of the trade cycle. They are often heard in Over-The-Counter transactions, deals. These […] Read More »
October 17, 2019
Everything You Need to Know About Trade Validation and Enrichment in Trade Life Cycle   Technology drives markets and the outcomes of developing the technology are seen effortlessly in the trading landscape. Messengers were replaced with letters and telephones and the stock ticker was replaced with television. Finally, everything perished to the amazing world of the internet and technology. Step by step, brand new innovative technology raised up the […] Read More »
October 15, 2019
Ways Trade Execution Can Improve Your Capital Market Business!   What exactly is Trade? Trade is the exchange of items between two or more parties backed up by purchasing power. In a layman’s language, buying and selling of products and services are known as Trade. What are Capital Markets? Capital market is the kind of financial market where securities such as long-term debt, equities, […] Read More »
November 19, 2016
Introduction to Capital Market What Are Capital Markets? Capital markets basically deal with stocks and bonds in general. In simple words, any firm is it private or government, is always in need of funds, so as to finance its various operations to achieve certain long-term goals. Thus every firm is supposed to acquire these very funds or capital; for […] Read More »