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October 22, 2019
What Projects are Included in the Blockchain Training Course?   Popularised by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform, blockchain has been making the rounds recently. Introduced as a triple ledger system for the administration of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain is now being applied to all aspects of a business. Many students and professionals are aspiring for a lucrative career in blockchain. With a high potential to change […] Read More »
September 20, 2019
How Blockchain Can Transform Our Economy and The Way We Do business In The Future?   In words of a techy, Blockchain is a decentralized electronic ledger system that creates secured transactional records using cryptography which is irreversible corruption thus putting a stop to malpractices of corruption. It can be used in any transaction involving money, property or other goods of value. Blockchain is the latest transformational innovation using technology. […] Read More »
September 18, 2019
How A Blockchain can boost HR hiring in the Gig economy?   If you are not very familiar with the functioning of the blockchain technology then you’re in for a treat. The functioning of blockchain technology involves using a distributed ledger to record transactions of value removing the middlemen in the process and establishing accountability and authenticity in the recording of data. In the nascent stage […] Read More »
September 16, 2019
What Are The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency And Trading Blockchain? Cryptocurrency has been dominating the market in recent years. It has been a replacement for the traditional modes of transactions such as cash and credit cards. Cryptocurrency is a financial platform that allows for an easy transfer of money through digital means. This form of currency has had an increase in popularity. It is taken […] Read More »
September 5, 2019
What Are The Best Sources To Educate Yourself About Cryptocurrencies?   Blockchains are today’s buzz word and synonymous with cryptos that have affected literally every industry from banking, insurance, the real-estate sector, fintech, and startup sectors. Training is crucial as it helps you to learn the latest skills in technologies that will dominate the future. So, we shall quickly look at the top ten blockchain […] Read More »
August 14, 2019
What Is The Growth And Future Of Fintech From Wire Transfer To Blockchain?   Fintech is a great combinational technology combining the benefits of finance and technology and is omnipresent in nearly all fields and daily applications. From literally every activity like banking online, paying your bills or more developed blockchain training based applications like transferring funds to a remote unbanked location are fintech applications of interest that […] Read More »
May 27, 2019
How easy is it to get a Blockchain developer job if you have completed a Blockchain online course?   Since blockchain is a relatively new technology, and conventional methods of training are scarce, an online course can be extremely helpful for someone seeking a job as a blockchain developer. Skills required to be a blockchain developer There is plenty of blockchain related roles that businesses are looking to hire. For some, this might […] Read More »
May 21, 2019
How is your company implementing blockchain technology? A blockchain is a public ledger which records and accounts for each and every bitcoin transaction that is made. Blockchain acts as an alternative to normal currency, centralized banking, and other transaction methods. It is changing the way we handle financial transactions. Blockchain maintains an ever-growing list of each and every transaction across every network, […] Read More »
May 20, 2019
Why Blockchain Engineers are in Demand?   There is a massive demand for blockchain training and talent and there is plenty of capital waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has already been gathered through Initial Currency Offering (ICO) in the United States alone. Jobs in the blockchain sector are growing rapidly and according to the survey, there are […] Read More »
May 18, 2019
What technical skills are needed to become a Blockchain developer?   Blockchain technology has drawn much interest and is being adapted into every vertical like banking, Fintech, accounting, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and real-estate segment, because of its efficient record keeping in distributed ledgers with transactions that are safe, secure and efficient. There is no third-party involvement anywhere in the process and records can be […] Read More »