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May 2, 2019
Python makes an excellent language for a blockchain training project and here is why:   It is advanced and easy to learn Python’s position in the tech scenario is growing stronger every day, and it has been around for a while now. Python has evolved over the years, and it is constantly supported by a passionate and growing community of developers. It is at an advanced stage which guarantees […] Read More »
April 17, 2019
Ministry of Electronics & IT to set up a Center of Excellence for FinTech at Chennai   What is economic growth in terms of the country? Simply put it is the time-bound increase in the marketable economic values of its services and goods.  Since mere economic growth cannot succeed alone in increasing wealth, promoting industrial growth, bettering living standards or eliminating poverty, sustainability and gearing up for future needs is an […] Read More »
April 15, 2019
Flipkart Has $60-100 Million to Back Early-Stage Firms   Financial experts use the Flipkart example to demonstrate its awesome success story.  Flipkart has been at the forefront of innovative business practices for some time now. With the buying of shares up to a three-fourth stake (77%) by Walmart, Flipkart has also been in the news for it’s setting up its Hyderabad data-centre, its […] Read More »
April 15, 2019
Top Five Fiction Reads Set in The World of Investment Banking   Investment banking is an immensely specialized field wherein financial corporations termed as investments banks assist public and private commercial entities in complex transactions. So, it is natural to have much literature that surrounds this broad topic. To save your precious time in finding out the best fiction books available on investment banking, here are […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
A Newbies Guide to Investment Banking   To the layperson with limited knowledge of commerce and banking, ‘Investment Banking’ is bound to be a mystery of sorts. The general understanding of investment banking among the common public is limited and investment banking continues to remain the domain of specialists or in other words investment bankers. In a way, this is justified. […] Read More »
March 25, 2019
Investment Banking Business Model and Financial Stability   Investment banking is the clear winner when it comes to advisory and mediation roles. It takes care of investing from end to end, by assessing the risk and evaluating the flow of credit. Not only do they cater to private investors, but also to large and small companies alike, and also to governmental organizations. […] Read More »
March 15, 2019
The Hidden Agenda of Fintech   Fintech is the digital revolution which has redefined the way financial business took place in the past. India has adopted fintech at a very rapid pace. Many start-ups have emerged which are embracing fintech and many banks have also adopted fintech. The purpose of these new fintech start-ups is to utilize technology such as […] Read More »
February 12, 2019
Automation in Investment Banking Taking the technological progression into consideration, none of the industries is left untouched across the globe. In the recent few years, the industrialization has successfully marked its space into the area of banking. A lot of countries have embedded Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into their operations. The trend has impacted, massively, the Indian banking […] Read More »
January 19, 2019
What Do Start-Up Investors Like or Dislike About Start-Ups?   Blockchain is the buzz word which has been on everyone’s lips of late. So, what is blockchain and how has it reshaped different industries today. A range of investments and funding given at the right time helps start-ups push their business forward. Since digital is becoming the core of every business, start-ups especially in […] Read More »
January 19, 2019
What is the Wealth of Opportunities in Fintech?   Emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and machine learning have given rise to an abundance of opportunities in the financial technology sector. Here’s all you need to know about this. Fintech industry has taken off in the past decade. With consumers becoming more self-reliant and carrying out all transactions such as shopping, payments, booking, […] Read More »