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October 11, 2018
Placement Series: Interview Preparation – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Interviews have become the preface for any business institutions to judge candidates suitable for the job profile. What’s good about the interview is that they are an excellent source of data, but when it comes to analysing the situation, the interview takes a wrong turn. But this is not the end; there is an ugly […] Read More »
September 25, 2018
How to Ace your Next Interview – Placement Series Once you have completed the studies, the next step involves looking for a job in the respective field. The first interview for the job can be quite challenging since you do not have any prior experience in the area. There are a lot of confusions in the heads of the candidates and interview preparation can […] Read More »
September 23, 2018
13 Things About Interview Preparations You May Not Have Known Finally, your diligence has paid off, and you have now landed an interview. Going for an interview can be quite nerve-wracking and stressful.  While there are a plethora of things that can go wrong like a limp, awkward handshake to having to answer a question you have no clue about, however, there are definitely few […] Read More »
July 5, 2018
Asharani Patel Review on Investment Banking Certification – Imarticus Learning My name is Asharani Patel. This is the story of my journey from studying in a small town to a global bank ranked among the top 10 in the world. This is a story about Imarticus learning, how it introduced me to the world of Investment Banking, made me who I am today. But most […] Read More »
April 3, 2018
Why Employees Need Re-skilling to Stay Ahead? Job skills, professional qualifications, certifications, and competencies are some of the realities that face modern workforces. The high momentum in technological evolution is forcing the pace of change in the modern world. Consequently, re-skilling has emerged as a potent force that enables organizations and employers to re-purpose their workforce in tune with emerging client demands. […] Read More »
February 15, 2018
Ways in Which Sentiment Analysis Can Help Improve Your Brand Seeking validation is a human tendency. All of us regardless of our age, gender or lifestyle preferences, would be more than interested to know what others (the general public, our acquaintances, and our family members) think about us. While the need for this varies among individuals, where some people might need feedback every now and […] Read More »
January 30, 2018
Placement Series: 5 Phrases to Avoid During an Interview In this series, we at Imarticus Learning give you tips and tricks to land your dream job in Investment Banking. There are many situations in which people make the mistake of using informal, irresponsible and fairly inappropriate phrases during an interview. These small mistakes may cost you your career. Let’s have a look at most […] Read More »
January 22, 2018
Imarticus Learning Placements Special: Body language In this series, we at Imarticus Learning give you tips and tricks to land your dream job in the Industry. Walking into an interview can be an unnerving task. There is a group of very important people looking at you from behind a very important looking desk and they seem to have a very important looking […] Read More »
January 15, 2018
BTVI Rising Star post Mr. Barshikar’s Interview on Friday Watch Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & MD, Imarticus Learning on the Rising Star show where he talks about the Imarticus’ concept, growth, funding, employees, technology and its business model. Visit to view the video: Read More »
November 28, 2017
Crack That Next Interview Experts share tips to help you in meetings with potential employers. You thought you had done fairly well at the interview and had good recommendations from your previous employer, but you still did not get the job. What went wrong—was it something you said or did not say? Professionals say many recruiters take calls on […] Read More »