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August 6, 2019
What Are Some Technologies That Can Prove Beneficial For Retail Banking?   Financial institutions annually spend huge amounts running into billions of dollars a year on upgrading technology and undertaking system integration work. This is not a fad but an essential for their survival. But, in comparison to the newer banks and the capital market courses the technology of the new age is not only nimble and lightweight […] Read More »
August 3, 2019
What Is Portfolio Management In Stock Market?   Financial Modelling is a very crucial analytics tool and is used by literally every vertical and industry. The experts at such models are in extremely high demand and get paid fantastic sums for their advice and proficiency.  The term equity portfolio management is widely used to beat the equity market and is the implementation […] Read More »
August 1, 2019
What Is The Function Of Retail Assets In Capital Markets?   By retail assets, one means the products that are sold. In terms of the capital market, these could be the products of the equity and debt capital markets. Hence one needs to understand the very basics of the capital market to understand its retail assets. Let us start. Understanding the terminology: Doing capital market […] Read More »
September 29, 2016
A Beginners’ Guide Investing in The Stock Market There is no better way to learn than by doing. So we at Imarticus Learning believe that the best way to prepare for an interview for Corporate Finance jobs is to actively invest in the market in whichever way possible thereby putting some ‘skin in the game’, which ensures you know what’s going on. While […] Read More »
August 22, 2016
The Mechanics of Money Laundering by Zenobia Sethna. Money Laundering is the act or attempted act to conceal or mask the identity of illegally obtained money or funds so that they appear to have originated from legitimate (legal) sources. Illegally obtained funds are ‘laundered’ and relocated around the world using and abusing ‘shell companies’, ‘intermediaries’ and ‘money transmitters’. In this way, […] Read More »
August 16, 2016
Classroom – Goods and Services Tax 101 (GST) Last week, the Indian Parliament passed what would be the single most important tax reform after 1947, the GST bill, which will, according to Anand Mahindra, unleash the tiger. “In 1991, a new liberalized India was born. I believe 2016 will propel India to reach its true potential. After the sweeping FDI reforms in June, […] Read More »
August 12, 2016
The Three Pillars of Stock Trading – Questions Answered. Buy Low, Sell High. Short High, Cover Low – these are the common words you may have heard from the people who are actively trading in markets. As they say, trading is nothing but Buy the dip and sell the tip. However, is successful trading that simple the way it sounds? Imarticus Learning held a […] Read More »
May 30, 2016
Careers in Retail Banking and Wealth Management RETAIL BANKING Also known as Consumer Banking, it involves provision of services by a bank to individual consumers, rather than to companies, corporations or other banks. WEALTH MANAGEMENT An investment-advisory discipline that incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services Careers:   EMPLOYMENT LANDSCAPE Axis Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank IndusInd Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank […] Read More »
March 31, 2016
M&A Deals in India – March edition by Sonya Hooja. On popular request and back of the PE 2015 performance analysis, we are back with key deals for March 2016 along with a few pointers that should help you with deal analysis in any forthcoming interviews; this will help you be relevant. 1) Edelweiss buys JP Morgan’ India mutual fund business, subject […] Read More »
March 21, 2016
A look back on the Indian PE performance By Reshma Krishnan.   You can’t open the paper today without hearing the word fund, start up, or Private Equity. In fact the top news in the Economic Times yesterday was the buyout fund, Blackstone being the frontrunner in the race to own Mphasis, currently owned by Hewlett Packard.  The current atmosphere has come a […] Read More »