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September 23, 2019
What are the Use Cases of Big Data in Real Estate?   Catching up on big data & real estate Real estate is comprised of assets such as property, land, houses, and buildings. Real estate is a budding sector where properties are dealt with every now and then. Real estate agents facilitate the buying and selling of homes, land, etc. on the behalf of the parties […] Read More »
September 4, 2019
What Are An Interesting Careers To Explore In Big Data?   Big Data is no longer a future capability but is already in use in a variety of sectors and industries. Some of the uses are as diverse as taxis in Sweden using data to cut back on traffic and emissions to Barcelona building a smart city based on data and farmers worldwide using data […] Read More »
May 24, 2019
How Big Data Analytics can impact business results?   Big data analytics are for those companies, corporates, and global organizations that take their businesses and the respective business aspects such as efficiency, growth rate, profit-making, market positioning, market targets, customer satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction seriously, and wish to see a consistent development and progress in all of these business aspects periodically. Let us […] Read More »
May 18, 2019
How is big data analytics used for stock market trading?   How is big data analytics used for stock market trading? Big Data Analytics is the winning ticket to compete against the giants in the stock market. Data Analytics as a career is highly rewarding monetarily with most industries in the market adopting big data to redefine their strategies. The online stock market trading is […] Read More »
April 29, 2019
How The Travel Industry Uses Big Data and Real-Time Analytics?   In this article, let us see how big data has brought about tremendous changes to the tourism sector, allowing the mushrooming of successful unicorns lie OYO, Trip Advisor, RedBus and many more to flourish. Big data and real-time analytics have helped the tourism industry rediscover itself and reap huge rewards. Better decisions, improved customer […] Read More »
December 28, 2018
How Big Data is Powering The Internet of Things Revolution? Big Data and IoT cannot exist without one another in today’s digital era. The two technologies are pushing the technological revolution across the world in a big way and here’s how.   Today you can simply go for a run or a walk and your wearable gadget will not only tell you how many steps you […] Read More »
December 29, 2017
Why Financial Professionals Need to Have Knowledge of Big Data? The role of a financial professional has evolved leaps and bounds over the last decade due to the changing nature of the business. Initially, the key expectation from a finance manager was to check accounts to analyse variance between historical performance and forecasted performance. In doing so one could certainly answer the question about how […] Read More »