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November 28, 2019
What if you would like to switch your career towards Blockchain?   There has been an incredible advancement in the evolution of Blockchain technology over the past couple of years. In various sectors in the society, from healthcare, education, logistics, industrial supply chains and more, Blockchain has been adopted and implemented upon industries. Due to its use cases and positive reviews, Blockchain-based pilot projects have been […] Read More »
November 27, 2019
Cryptocurrency Careers that Will See High Demand in the Future   Over the last year or two, cryptocurrency has spread like wildfire through the interwebs, evolving from a once unknown form of payment to one that’s preferred and advocated for by thousands across the globe. Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are more than just a buzz today, they’re facilitators of job creation in a […] Read More »
November 27, 2019
Difference Between Full Stack Developer and Software Engineer Technical jobs and designations may appear confusing, but they have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Similarly, technical courses also specifically focus on a specific layer of developing an application. Some of them deal with front-end development while some deals with the back-end aspects. Though most of the roles are overlapping, each role demands an area […] Read More »
November 27, 2019
Why Agile is Important Any software methodological framework used to plan and structure the development of a system is a development methodology. Over the years, many development methodologies have evolved according to the needs and wants of the business. Scrum, Lean and waterfall methodologies are examples of this. Like any other methodologies, these too have their strengths and weaknesses. […] Read More »
November 26, 2019
Consumer Needs are at the Forefront of Digital Transformation in Banking   ‘Going digital’ applies to so much more than just using social media or moving data to cloud devices. In the banking sector, it relates to a complete overhaul of the way banks and credit unions understand, contact and please customers– the digitization in banking as they call it. The first step to a successful […] Read More »
November 25, 2019
Data Analytics Changing the Structure of Media and Entertainment Industry   Big Data Analytics Course is a highly searched course on Search Engines. Also termed as Data analytics, it is among the indomitable tools that allow businesses to compete in the market. Around 73% of the businesses are involved with Data Analytics in some ways. There is hardly any sector that remains unaffected by Big […] Read More »
November 22, 2019
How Analytics Can Help You Prevent Customer Problems Before They Arise?   It has been proven time and again that establishing customer loyalty is a necessity for companies these days for the simple reason that it needs one-seventh of the resources needed to acquire a new customer. Although the agenda is clear, it’s not that easy these days. With an abundance of choices with consumers in […] Read More »
November 21, 2019
Cybersecurity for Wealth Management Firms: Are You Tailoring Security for Your Specific Risks?   Over the past few years, there are various reports of banks and financial firms experiencing a huge number of security breaches. On average, a company that deals with financial services faces 85 to 90 attacks every year, and at least one out of three succeeds. A Cybersecurity breach is a serious problem faced by […] Read More »
November 20, 2019
Introduction To Python Set and Frozen-set Methods   Python is a widely-used programming language. No doubt that learning Python will bring you better job prospects. The advantage of Python is that it is generally smaller than other languages like Java. As a programmer, you will need to type only fewer indentations, which makes them highly readable highly. Many global market leaders like […] Read More »
November 18, 2019
Top 7 Reasons to Convince You To Take on that Data Analytics Job   It’s more than just a buzzword, it’s a revolution– data analytics is here and here to stay. For four years in a row, data analytics was ranked the best job in the U.S. alone by Glassdoor in 2019. The data fever is catching on in other parts of the world too, as global economies […] Read More »