10 Myths About Career Transitions That Stifle Your Professional Growth

June 12, 2019


Ever wondered what keeps you stuck in the job you are at, and avoiding transitioning your career? Some myths are just easy to relate to and accept. Like, it’s not my mistake. So, what can I do? Take a Big-Leap and don’t worry about small steps; Reason, plan and act and many more. That’s exactly why we need to debunk them and get cracking. Here are the most widely heard excuses we hide behind.

Myth 1:

Transitioning my career is too hard and I need this job: 

A job is definitely essential, and dealing with responsibilities and earning money part of everyone’s career. Why make this excuse then? Failure and the fear it evokes, lack of planning and saving, and the missing vision for your career could be probable causes. Remember that in any career there’s plenty of hard work, new learning, change, and courage needed to accept faults, rework plans and move onwards. 

Myth 2:

The times are not right:

Life is and will get busier with added responsibilities. There is just one right time and that is when you start. Do a search for job opportunities, ask and act for promotion and accept the challenges of a career change. If you haven’t saved or planned, then, do so now and make it a part of your daily plans.

Myth 3:

Career changes involve money:

This essential commodity called money is quintessential to all career changes. One needs to be able to sustain the period of transitioning, re-skilling costs and also be gainfully employed. Yes, it needs money. So plan and save for it. You are never going to fail when you invest in yourself.

Career changes depend on who you know!

This myth is not about looking to Steve Jobs for mentorship. All you need is to look around you and network well. Use social media and let the list inspire your choices and planning. Use your time in thinking about career options, re-juggling of your skill sets, hone the right ones, apply for jobs, intern if required and start planning early if you have plans to change careers.

Myth 5:

What will people think?

Their opinion doesn’t matter and you have no control over it. However, your career transition does depend on your opinion and how you think about yourself. You can never please people so don’t try and waste time here. They will sing your praise when you succeed.

Myth 6: 

Be and follow your passions:
That’s great lip service especially when you have no clue about yourself or your passions. A Google search, blogs on topics that interest you, meeting successful people and great planning is required to cultivate a passion for anything. It is not a ready-made solution that you pursue.

Myth 7

Find the right job:
Does it even exist? There are no rights, wrongs or mistakes. There are only job opportunities. What you do will count in your favor to find the most suitable and paying job. Personality development and skill attainment should be woven into the mix and are crucial for mentoring and watching your back.

Myth 8

All will be right when I get this job:
No. The problems will start with you hitting the bottom of the new career ladder. This also means you may not get paid more and that you will have to slog and work your way to the top of the ladder. Everyone starts at the bottom. So don’t get discouraged.

Myth 9:

What can happen when I fail?

Don’t worry. If you succeed very few will complain. If you don’t, then spend some more time to see why you failed. Either way, you stand to gain if you open your mind to the possibilities of a job change.

Myth 10:

I don’t possess the job skills for a career change:

Okay! I haven’t heard of a swimmer who had the skills to swim before he entered the water. If you don’t possess the skills for new career options, then zero in on what is lacking and get onto honing your skill set.

In parting, let’s reiterate that you’ll get plenty of career tipsThe ones that matter needs to be worked on. And if you need to clear the clutter about such myths research your choices and get some professional training at a reputed institution like Imarticus. Besides a wide variety of career-oriented courses, they do have assured placement services, a soft-skill development module and plenty of latest learning techniques to make learning skills easy.

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